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The Top Greatest Philosophers Who Loved Gambling

The Top Greatest Philosophers Who Loved Gambling

A lot of folks love to gamble, whether it is Poker or slots, or any other game. The reason is that all gambling games are entertaining and lucrative. But one of the best things is that players can make a considerable amount of money through them and become richer in the short term.

Initially, gambling games are organized in local casinos, but now with technological advancement, we can access them on our computers and desktops. If you want to know about the gambling habits of famous philosophers and how they could play in the past, so here is complete information about them.

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The Top Greatest Philosophers Who Loved Gambling

Wild Bill

Wild Bill Hickok’s real name is James Butler Hickok, and he is one of the greatest legends of the American Old West. In addition, Hickok is the only personality that has a poker hand named. This person is known as the Father of Modern Philosophy. In the initial stage of the age, when he was around 18, he worked as a lawman and driver in frontier territories. During the US Civil War, he fought for the Union Army.

He is one of the great philosophers who loved gambling a lot, and whenever they got time, he was supposed to play his favorite game, Poker. However, Wild Bill Hickok was killed in Deadwood, South Dakota, while playing Poker. A gambler named Jack McCall was the one who killed him. The reason for the murder is that Hickok played the game well, but at a point, he broke a rule; that’s why McCall shot him.

Rene Descartes

Rene Descartes is known as the Father of Modern Philosophy, and he is one of the greatest gamblers. In addition, he was a philosopher and scientist, and a lot of people respected him. He belonged to France. The biggest dream of Rene Descartes was to become a pro bettor, as they had a great interest in these games.

According to him, philosophy and gambling go hand-in-hand because philosophy plays a crucial role in gambling and makes most things easier for many people. If we talk about his personal life, becoming a scientist or philosopher was not his actual dream due to his lack of interest in it, but with time they gained interest in it. Further, he also spent around two years in law school and also worked as a military officer, but becoming an expert bettor was one of his biggest dream.